Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So it has been over a week now and so far so good. I enjoy the type of work that I do here, very technical and the challenges it brings are challenges that I enjoy tackling. I have had to recall things that I haven't touched in about 4 or so years, so it has been a challenge. They say it's like riding a bike... and it's mostly true. I don't think some of the guys like hearing me say things like "I forget, where is that???" But, at least my boss knows it's been a handful of years since working in this type of setting so they'll get over it when I start recollecting what I'm supposed to do.
What's funny with starting anew in anything I do, I always find myself thinking of how I can make it better or re-inventing the wheel. I also can't help but think that things are "messy" and want to clean them up. This goes for physical cleanliness and processes/procedures. I've come in to a position where the guy before wasn't as organized as I would have liked, so I am trying to streamline some procedures. Also, he had his setup of PCs/laptops that don't fit the way I like to do things... and since I'm so anal about it, I have found a bunch of PCs that I had to "fix" in order to fit my liking.

Monday, June 30, 2008

My week off from work...

Ok, so because my current company doesn't pay you for your earned "PTO" or time off, I decided I would take it prior to giving notice. My new job wants me to start on July 7th, which would have given me the ability to give a 2-week notice for Misys, but because of the policy which Misys has in-place, Tuesday morning I had to beat around the bush and just ask for immediate time-off for the remaining week. What makes me feel better about myself is the fact that I didn't take all my time-off. I had over 48 hours available, and with this week only having 4 work days, I didn't feel right saying "Hey, I'm back and tomorrow's my last day." hahahahaha, that would have been funny though.
So, Tuesday through Friday we spent doing the following: I went to the Dentist, we had our windows installed (even though that would have been done anyway), I took the 3 older kids camping, set up and swam in our pool, and played a newly purchased "Rock Band" for the Wii. Loads of fun!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

How many times can one company offer you a job before taking it?


Ok, as you may have noticed in Vicki's blog, I was offered a job for a company and I turned it down. They then offered me again but this time a little bit more $... I accepted, but as I looked into it I found that their health benefits were kinda spendy so I turned it down. Well a couple weeks go by. Yesterday they call me and say that they interviewed someone and offered them $5K more a year than they did me, but he ended up taking a job somewhere else. So the guy says to me, that if he can get the company to go for $2K more than that, then it'd put me at a salary that will pay the difference of the health benefits versus what they offered me before. So, all in all they won,... and I have unofficially accepted the job offer. So, as of right now I don't know what's going on and when I start, but I would imagine it's going to be about 2 weeks. I'll keep you posted.

FINE!!! I'll blog already! Shoooot

So, I snapped under the pressure of blogging and figured I'd try this out... seeing that I try the other latest greatest things on the web.
I'm not sure how I want to tackle this, since I have a site that hosts all the pictures we practically ever take. I know you've all seen it but I'm sure there's a way to link it in here...
Maybe I'll just start putting funny stories together, how does that sound?